Global Masters Value and Content Platform

Master Chain aims to build a global Chinese masters content platform based on blockchain technology. By gathering the best masters and experts from around the world, Master Chain strives to provide high-quality content to energize Chinese media worldwide via its blockchain-based “Master Chain Platform”. Everyone can be a Master!

A mutually empowering blockchain value ecosystem.
Master Chain

Content Ecosystem

MasterChain is a content community consisting of content creators, disseminators, finders, reviewers, consumers and community participants. By establishing a content evaluation mechanism and user activity reward mechanism, users can create, discover and promote high-quality contents.
Master Chain

Master IP

To create master IP and help promote the monetization of high-quality contents, Master Chain is designed to create the largest content IP incubation platform in the world, with IP clusters of all fields, industries and levels. Master Chain platform aims to build a transparent and efficient evaluation system based on blockchain technology to quantify the value contribution of users and to allocate rewards appropriately. By empowering users with control over governance and rewards, they are free to redefine the ecosystem’s economic model, building a new ecosystem for content and master IP.
Master Chain


The overall architecture of Master Chain platform can be divided into four layers: the base layer, the network layer, the service layer, and the application layer. Together with the security and subsystems, these jointly constitute the Master Chain ecosystem.
Master Chain


Project Launch
White paper Release
Project Architecture Design
Development and Implementation
Function Test,Platform Docking
Master Chain 1.0 Launch
Dapp 1.0 Launch
Cooperative Partner Join
Regional Market Promotion
External cooperation module released to provide external blockchain
Global Promotion
Product Iteration
Promotion and Operation Upgrade
Master Chain

Operations Team

  • Financial and Accounting Programming, IPO and Overseas Operations.
    Vice President of Listed Company, Audit & Consulting of International Accounting Firm, Investment Banking and International Underwriting.
    25 years of working experience.
    Duncan Chen
    Chairman of Master Chain Media
  • Blockchain Ecosystem Design and Operations.
    Aisa Pacific Weibei Quantum Digital Asset Management Co. Ltd., Co-Founder, Author of “Disruptive innovation: How will the blockchain change the world”, Institute of Community Thinking, Executive Dean , LawPartner Mdt InfoTech Ltd, CEO, Luichi Group International Limited, Senior Vice President.
    20 years of working experience.
    Pan Yun-liang
    CEO of Master Chain Media
  • Business Investment Programming and Financial Engineering, Industrial Big Data Analysis, IOT, AI, Block Chain Programming.
    Senior Assistance of President Of FIH Mobile Ltd. (Hong Hai Group), Vice President of SDO and Partner of 18 fund, Responsible Person of Hi-trust Co. ( ACER GROUP).
    Over 20 years of working experience.
    Zuo Yu-long
    Chief Strategy Officer of Master Chain Media
  • News ,Content Editing and Programming.
    Lead Editor of IDN News, Edit Director of China Times, Lead Editor of China Times.
    Over 30 years of working experience.
    Chen Shi-chang
    Chief Edit Officer of Master Chain Media
  • Bock Chain Technology Development, Analysis in Bit coin Transaction, Analysis in MIS Transaction, Detection and Antivirus System Build up.
    VIA Telecomm RD, MIS Department of Government Institution.
    10 years of working experience.
    Peter Hsieh
    Vice Technical Office of Master Chain Media
  • Commercial Law an Financial Law, Business Risk Control and Management, Business and Corporate Governance.
    Chairman of Yongjian Culture and Education Foundation, Associate Professor of Business Department of Taipei Commercial University, Department of Financial Law Department Head of Asia University, New York University World Trade Organization Intellectual Property Working Group.
    30 years of working experience.
    Lawrence Lee
    Legal Consultant of Master Chain Media
  • Investment in Culture Innovation Industries, Investment in Block Chain related Company, Cryptographic currency application and Investment.
    Deputy Director-General of China's Cultural and Creative Industries, World Block chain Organization in the Asia Pacific Region, Deputy Secretary-General of China International Financial and Cultural Trade Union, Principal Consultant, China-Japan Block chain Association, China, Chief Consultant, Japan Digital Finance China.
    15 years of working experience.
    Chen Bo-jun
    Chief overseas consultant of Master Chain
  • Internet Media Operating.
    President of Now News Media Co., Ltd.
    20 years of working experience.
    Andy Lin
    Network & media consultant of Master Chain Media
  • Analysis in Block Chain Technology.
    President of Crazy mike.
    20 years of working experience.
    Hou Min-gang
    Technical Consultant of Master Chain Media
  • Business Investment Strategy Programming.
    Partner of Orient ES Capital Group, Secretary of YMS Future Studies Association.
    15 years of working experience.
    Wen Hong-jun
    Investment Consultant of Master Chain Media
  • Industrial Strategy Cooperation and Channel Planning, Internet Business Operating.
    President of AC-X Technology Co. Ltd., President of Now News Media Co. Ltd.
    Over 30 years of working experience.
    Chuang Li-ping
    Chairmen of Master Chain Media Foundation
Master Chain


  • Chiang Tsung Jung Marketing Creative Director of ILikeCo., Ltd.
  • Chang Wei Li Consultant of Asia Pacific Accelerator Innovation co., Ltd.
  • Chen Hui Yan CEO of Hua-Su Biotech Environmental Co., Ltd.
  • Chu Chun Independent commentator
  • Chen Chien Ming Free-lance Writer
Master Chain

Project Dynamics

  • Master Chain has created many first leading Chinese content platform upgrades.
    2018-11-16 14:40:43
  • Aierli Medical Group joins the master chain ecosystem strategic partner.
    2018-11-16 14:38:40
  • Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu has been a member of the International Olympic Committee for more than 30 years sin...
    2018-11-16 14:37:16
Master Chain